How Much Is a Copper Dime Worth?


The value of a copper dime will depend on the year it was minted and how well preserved it is. Even so, unless you have a copper dime with a minting error on it, you can expect to receive only about $1 to $3 for your coin. Copper alloy dimes started circulating in 1965, so only the older ones have a higher value, while the more recent ones should be taken at their face value of 10 cents.
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You may have a lamination flaw, the outer layer of copper nickel was missing when the coin was struck or it could have been dipped in acid, take it to a dealer or collector the weight
1992 D dime No extra value, it is gold-plated which for collectors means
The Liberty dime design was one of two coin designs awarded to German-born sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman also designed the walking Liberty half dollar. Liberty dimes were produced
1965 to date dimes were manufactured with .75 copper core and .25 nickel plating bonded to the core. If you have a copper dime without the nickel plating you might have a minting
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