How Much Is a Recycled Plastic Bottle Worth?


The price per pound of recycled can range between $0.75 and $1.50, but the actual price of one recycled plastic bottle will depend on the size of the bottle itself. For example, a 64 ounce recycled bottle will be worth more than a 12 ounce bottle. Because of this, the price can also fluctuate, with the larger bottles getting a higher sale price than the smaller bottles. Either way, recycling plastic bottles has become a very lucrative business, with a ton going for about $15,000.
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A ton of recycled plastic is worth $18,300.00.
1. Contact local schools to see if any participate in lid recycling programs. 2. Research other local recycling possibilities. While many municipal recycling systems won’t pick
Recycle Center Locator call 1-800-RECYCLE. Each recycling center price varies and here in N. California they pay: Glass $0.11 per lb. Aluminum cans $1.57 per lb. Plastic $0.92 per
Depending on your exact location, about 5-cents each.
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