How much money is garnet worth?


The price of garnet depends on what type of garnet the stone is. Different colors can cost more money, and the clarity and cut can change the value of a stone.
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It is a red gemstone and costs around 90000 to 100000 Dollars? Weights?
The value of the garnet is dependent on many factors, such as size and clarity, and could
The condition of a coin or paper bill is important when determining the value. An uncirculated 1918 Mercury dime, for example, is worth well over $50 but worth no more than $2.00
anywhere from a penny to a billion dollars is my best guess.
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The amount of money a garnet is worth depends on a lot of things. Just like any stone, the clarity and pureness of the garnet has a lot to do with its worth. The size also determines the worth.
The gem stone garnet can range from $20 per carat up to over $100 per carat. This will depend on the quality and clarity of the stone, as well as the shape.
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