How much is a Hull pottery piece worth?


The A.E. Hull Pottery Company originated in 1905 in Crooksville, Ohio. The pottery company soon expanded and began producing art pottery in 1917. The product line expanded to include lusterware in a variety of colors and styles, stoneware, garden ware, semi-porcelain, and pots for florists. Later, specialty items were produced including the Red Riding Hood cookie jar, piggy banks, and lamps. There are websites that list approximate values for how much a Hull Pottery piece is worth. One website,, allows the user to click on the name of the pottery piece such as Blossom. A chart with the description of the different pieces in that collection appears along with the approximate value of each piece.
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The value will depend significantly on the condition of the piece.
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The high price of gold means that your coin is worth more for its metal content than as a collectible. At current prices it would retail for about $500 regardless of mint mark.
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A piece of Hull Pottery can vary in price depending on the piece, age and the condition. You can purchase a Pink Wildflower 6 1/2' vase on eBay for around $85 in used but good condition.
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