How Often do Dogs Come in Heat?


It will sometimes vary but dogs usually come in to heat every 5-8 months, and the duration of it can last from 2-4 weeks. Man, that is one long period, good thing its only twice a year.
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Every six months on average.
The average female dog has her first cycle about six months of age. A few dogs start earlier
One of the first warning signs is the swelling of the vulva, which can start a week or just the day before the dog begins to bleed. Monitor the vulva and you will begin to notice
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A dog often goes comes in heat every six months meaning twice a year, sometimes in the spring and at the end of summer. You will know its close when male dogs ...
The average frequency that a dog may come into heat is approximately every four to six months. Nonetheless, this may take a little earlier or later than other ...
Dogs are in heat about ever four to six months. Each individual dog is different as well as each breed is a little bit different when it comes to going into heat ...
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