How do you put a sliding screen door back on track?


In order to put a sliding door back on track, the dirt should first be removed. The top two wheels of the sliding door should be put into the middle track of the guide. A flathead screwdriver can be used for leverage to put the door back in place.
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1. Remove the door guide at the base of the doorway, using a screwdriver. Use a small piece of masking tape to mark its location. If the door guide is installed over carpet, mark
most of the top wheels are on a spring system so simply push the upper wheel into the track and lift the door then set the bottom wheel back in the lower track and let go, it will
Answer undo your door panle remove the to nuts that hold the window on the rail Slide Rail Back Put Window Downward Angle Pull The Window Out It Will Come Out Easy
REMOVAL Remove the plug and remove screw attaching door pull cup to inner door panel. Remove switch bezel and disconnect power window/memory switch. Remove screws attaching trim panel
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