How Tall Is Sophie Simmons?


Sophie Simmons happens to be one of the daughters that the KISS band member Gene Simmons is the father of. She was born on the 7th day of July in the year 1992, which makes her 21 years old as of early July in the year 2013. Shannon Tweed is the mother of Sophie Simmons, who was born with the full name of Sophie Alexandra Tweed Simmons. Emily, Hunter and Jake Tweed are all cousins of Ms. Simmons'.
Q&A Related to "How Tall Is Sophie Simmons?"
5 feet 8.
Sophie Simmons, actress & daughter of Gene Simmons, of Kiss, was born on 7/7/92 & is 18 years old.
Sophie Tweed-Simmons was born on July 7, 1992 so that would make her 17 years old. !
He's 5'3 and he is 15. Source(s)….
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