How To Make Macramé Cord Bracelet Patterns?


Making macramé bracelet patterns is a delightful pastime for anyone, but it is especially fun for young girls who can glean hours of quality time together creating friendship bracelets. Making A Macramé Bracelet Making a simple bracelet will require
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There is this site: It seems to have a pretty good selection of tutorials But I think this site is by far better
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1. Measure and cut two strands of hemp cord. Make one cord twice as long as the other. For a child's bracelet, cut a 60-inch and a 30-inch strand. For an adult's ...
Macrame cord is a type of a knot crafted by tying strings to create beautiful patterns. They can then be used as accessories of jewellery. An anchor cord in macrame ...
1. Pick five colors that you want in your bracelet. One of the colors won't be seen in the bracelet. 2. Cut two strings of each color, each about 65 inches long, ...
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