How Wide Is Lightning?


The width of a lightning bolt looks to be very wide but in reality the actual current is only as wide as a pencil. One would think that it is bigger in size than that but it really is not. You can find more information here:
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yes, lightning does not take up space. Lighting is awesome. It's just an electric unicorn. its as wide as a pencil.
A lightning bolt might seem wide , but in actuality the current channel is generally
"A lightning ionization channel is approximately 2 inches wide. Thunder is caused by a collapse of the channel. When you hear it, the danger of that stroke has already passed
Despite reaching lengths of 3 miles long, lightning bolts are approximately the width of a finger!
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If you mean the width of a lightning bolt, it is about the thickness of a pencil. However, if you see one it is so bright that is looks much thicker. You can find more information here:
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