How Wide Is Lightning?


The width of a lightning bolt looks to be very wide but in reality the actual current is only as wide as a pencil. One would think that it is bigger in size than that but it really is not. You can find more information here:
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yes, lightning does not take up space. Lighting is awesome. It's just an electric unicorn. its as wide as a pencil.
A lightning bolt might seem wide , but in actuality the current channel is generally
Real lightning can't be made in open air. It is too risky and requires very very high potential difference. However it can be made in vacuum tube.
Despite reaching lengths of 3 miles long, lightning bolts are approximately the width of a finger!
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If you mean the width of a lightning bolt, it is about the thickness of a pencil. However, if you see one it is so bright that is looks much thicker. You can find more information here:
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