How should you ask someone to be your Valentine?


There are thousands of ways to ask someone to be your Valentine. You might give them a Valentine's Day card that asks them or you might write a letter or even send some chocolates. You could also ask someone to be your Valentine by creating a romantic gesture. You could give that person several real roses and one artificial rose. Then tell the person that you will love him or her until that last flower dies. Ask them to be your Valentine in a poem, in a song, or even in a skit or funny joke.
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1. If the female attendants live nearby, it's nice to ask them in person. The bride can ask each girl individually (a group setting can put pressure on people who may have to decline
Just walk up to him and say "Hey, I was hoping you'd be my valentine! It's OK to be candid - men don't bite!
Give one those cut kid cards
1 Communication is KEY ! If you don't talk to the guy you like, there's no way for him to know that you are into him. Go for a guy that is in your group of friends, or that you're
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