How do you become a celebrity stylist?


First pick a focus as to what type of styling you will do, for instance, will it be wardrobe, or fashion, or both. If you haven't done so already, acquire training in fashion design. Here a tips on the steps needed to become a celebrity stylist. For more information look here: How to become a celebrity fashion stylists;
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1. Find your style niche. Develop a unique style calling card to separate yourself from the pack. 2. Scour fashion magazines for trends and designer style tips to build your knowledge
1 Choose a simple meal at first. A simple meal can help you practice your stylist skills. 2 Organize the meal in an order. For example, vegetables around the plate, meat in the inside
Styling is probably one of the most misunderstood professions of all. You need
A lot of stylists from Korea came out from the school Hongdae. my aunt became a makeup artist after she graduated from Hongdae : I can't really tell you much since I don't have experience
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How to Become a Celebrity Stylist
Becoming a high-powered celebrity fashion stylist is more than just selecting designer duds and jet-setting around the globe. Most celebrity stylists have experience working both as wardrobe and fashion stylists. Celebrity stylists design looks for... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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