How to Become an Undercover Cop.?


1. Earn your high school diploma or GED. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that a high school education is the minimum qualification to work as any type of police officer. Taking additional courses in communication can be helpful in this line of
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How to Become an Undercover Cop
Undercover cops play an important role in law enforcement. Undercover cops are plain-clothes cops who investigate crimes by disguising their identity to gain access to information or individuals associated with a case. Becoming an undercover cop requires... More »
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Same as being a cop. Undercover units require several years of being a road unit.
After you have arrested a few animals for the crimes they are committing then you can be an animal cop. You can also apply at the humane society and you can take neglected animals
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Apply for a police officer position and pass the background check. Pass the civil service and physical fitness exams. Serve as a police officer for non convert ...
Some of the risks of becoming an undercover narcotics cop include; the cop might be killed during the investigations since he is dealing with hard core criminals ...
In the movie RUSH, Jennifer Jason Leigh played Kristen Cates, a cop who goes undercover and becomes addicted to drugs. Jason Patric played her partner Jim Raynor ...
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