How to Blow a Conch Shell?


Not only can you hear the ocean from a conch shell you can play it too. You will need an almost perfect shell, a file and some sandpaper. After a little bit of sanding you can blow into the shell for a great sound. Using a conch shell for a horn
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You make a conch shell produce sound by vibrating your lips on one end of it, the concept is one similar to that of using a trumpet or french horn.
1. Submerge the shell in fresh water and allow it to soak for half an hour. This will allow you to wipe away the sand inside and other debris once you remove the shell from the water
You must make the correct buzzing sound with your lips held tightly...
According to the folks at Fermi Lab, conch shells are formed in a natural Fibonacci sequence. "In the simplest form of this sequence, each number is the sum of the previous two
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Blowing in a conch shell can be fun but difficult. First, take a conch shell, cut the tip off the shell and form a mouthpiece on the shell and then you blow into it to get a sound. Your lips are what makes the sound. If you have a small conch shell it will make higher sounds and if you have a large conch shell it will produce low sounds. It is hard to blow into a conch shell because it requires alot of air being pushed inside. You can make up little songs just by blowing in a conch shell. Have fun with it. It is fun and entertaining. For more information look here:;
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