How do you build a cat trap?


A cat trap system is easy to set up, reusable and doesn't harm cats in any way. To build a cat trap you need a milk crate, a piece of wire or string, a stick and something to use as bait. It should take only a few minutes to set up.

  1. Gather your materials

    An open box made of wire mesh or even a laundry hamper may substitute for a milk crate if necessary. Make sure the box you are using has holes to allow the cat to breathe and see out once trapped and that it is too heavy for the cat to move by itself. The bait may be a cat toy or something filled with catnip.

  2. Assemble the cat trap

    Tie the bait to the string or wire. Tie the string or wire to the bottom of the crate. When you flip the crate over, the bait should dangle.

  3. Set up the trap

    Prop up the crate on the stick in an area the cat often frequents. Wait for the cat to investigate the toy. When it pulls on the toy, the stick will become dislodged and the cat will be trapped under the upside-down crate, allowing you to make arrangements as needed.

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How to Build a Cat Trap
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