How do you build a homemade septic system?


Building a septic system yourself will take some time. It can save you money though. To build a homemade septic system you will need a septic tank, a perforated drain pipe, gravel, a shovel, filter fabric and permits. See this site for complete instructions for building a homemade septic system.
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1. Check first with local health department and county offices to determine if a homemade septic system is acceptable in your area. Buy any permits needed before beginning work.Follow
1 Choose the type of system you want to build . Your choices include: Water Culture. This is a low cost, easy to build option. It results in your plants being suspended in water by
1. Consult your local septic experts to find out what plantings are appropriate for your specific sewer system. 2. Decide what kind of grass, plants, shrubs and/or trees you want
1. Connect a solid pipe at least 4 inches in diameter to your septic tank. Attach the other end to a distribution box. Waste will flow out of the septic tank and into the distribution
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How to Build a Homemade Septic System
Building a homemade septic system can be time consuming but can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars. A properly built septic system can last from 15 to 30 years with proper maintenance. Septic tanks come in many sizes and are made from concrete or... More »
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To build a home made septic system you will first need to make sure it is allowed in your area and have the soil tested. Once you have the approval, figure the size of tank you need and dig the hole for it. Have the hole ready so you can just have the deliverer drop it in. Then dig the trenches for your drain field and attach the perforated hose. Cover the hose in the trenches with gravel and soil.
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