How to Build a Treasure Chest?


Building your own treasure chest can be a fun project for kids to do. They can add items that they have loved the most through out their lives and hold them in the chest to see later in life.
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1. Choose the right box. Your treasure chest must stand up to the test of time, the weather elements and maybe even being buried. It must also house a lifetime of treasures and secrets
1 Plan the size of your chest. The one built in this project is 11 inches wide, 9 inches tall (excluding the top) and 16 inches long (28 x 23 x 41 cm). Ad 2 Gather the lumber you
Virtualy impossible to answer. Depends on how big and what it is made of.
The skull picture gets scrambled and you have to put the 9 pieces back in the proper place. You can just reverse the order of moves that scramble it. The Scrambling Moves The puzzle
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How to Build a Treasure Chest
A treasure chest is a place to hide your most valuable possessions. Whether it's ancient buried treasure or those love letters that you want to keep close forever, building a treasure chest is a great way to make sure that those things most important and... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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