How to Build a Wooden Toy Barn?


Building a toy barn is much like building a real barn. It can be made completely out of scrap plywood from other projects you may have been working on. You'll start with your wall framing, then move on to your roof framing. Make sure everything is to the proportions you like, then put up your walls and attach with brads. Be sure to cut your windows and door before you put up your walls. When you're satisfied with your walls, put up your roof. Add your trim and other outside decorations, like a chimney or cupola, then put up your doors. Sand to a nice finish and paint.
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1. Cut a rectangular piece of plywood so that it is 2 feet in length by 1 ½ feet in width. Make it bigger or smaller if you want. Use a power saw (if available) or hand saw
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1. Set your miter saw to a 45-degree angle. Set your 1x4 on the saw and cut off one end at the angle. 2. Mark how long you want the inside of the frame to be on one side, measuring
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How to Make a Wooden Toy Barn
A toy basement barn can teach children how food gets from ground to table. Use it as a prop at the end of a farm life unit study. Children can act out portions of "Charlotte's Web," "Little House in the Big Woods" or "Caddie Woodlawn." Research the... More »
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