How do you bypass a CDI box?


If you're unsure if your CDI box is giving your ATV or other vehicle enough energy for ignition, you may want to bypass it. Usually, bypassing the CDI box is only used to check to see if the unit is working. To do this, you add two wires to the main wires coming out of your box, then connect them. Bypassing your CDI box is only a temporary solution because without it, you will not have enough spark to start your vehicle. If your CDI box is bad, you should replace it.
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The only way you can bypass your CDI is to go back to the contact breaker point system which sucks and would be much more difficult than getting a new CDI box. The CDI system needs
The CDI is the capacitor discharge ignition, if you could bypass it the bike would have no spark
1. Unplug the Cablevision box's power cord, either from the back of the box or from the electrical source into which it is plugged, and leave the cord unplugged for 30 seconds. 2.
first check your spark plug then test your ignition coil if these are good then it is probably the cdi but there is no way to test a cdi box.
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