How do you calculate man hours?


Man hours are calculated by taking the number of people who are working on a job and multiplying that number by the number of hours it took to do the job. The answer is the number of man hours it took to do the job.
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1. Determine the length of time for which you wish to calculate the total number of man hours. This might be time allocated for a given project, quarterly work period or the total
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How to Calculate Man Hours
Calculating the number of man hours is the first step in determining your employee costs for a certain period. This is useful in determining project costs, so that you can quote a fair, but profitable, price for a job. Calculating man hours is also... More »
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To calculate man hours you need to know how many hours each man worked on the job. For example, if four men work on the job eight hours each then the job took thirty two man hours to complete.
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