How do you calculate square feet?


Square footage is a measurement of the area of a room. In a simple square or rectangular-shaped room, use the formula "length times width" to calculate square footage.

  1. Measure length and width

    Measure the length and width of the room or space. Write down each number in feet and inches.

  2. Multiply length times width

    Multiple the length and width. If the measurements are seven feet and nine feet, the result of 7 x 9 is 63.

  3. Indicate the square footage

    Record the number as square footage, such as 63 square feet. An abbreviated version of this measurement is 63 Sq. Ft.

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to calculate square feet, you find the dimensions of a room and multiply them. p.s. the dimensions have to be in feet. p.s.s. the dimensions are the length and width of the room.
If so, the answer is 140.17 square feet. Are the dimensions (10 feet 7 inches) x (13 feet 10 inches)? If so, the answer requires some conversions. 7 inches = 0.5833 feet ... 10 inches
To obtain the square footage of an area, multiply the length by the width. For example 2
1. Calculate the square footage of the bottom of the tank by multiplying the length times the width. To get the volume of the tank in cubic feet, multiply the square footage of the
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