How do you clean collard greens?


To clean collard greens start by detaching the large stems. Cut or tear the remaining leaves into strips. Next wash the greens by soaking in water and vinegar. Pour off water and vinegar and repeat as many times as necessary until the water runs off clean. Now your ready to cook your collard greens. For more information look here: How to cook collard greens;
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1. Place the collard greens in a clean kitchen sink full of cold water. 2. Sprinkle a light layer of salt over the greens. This will aid in removing the dirt from the leaves. 3. Dip
1 Soak four bunches of greens in the sink in cold water and a lot of salt. This is to clean them. Ad 2 Place greens in a pot filled half way with water. 3 Turn burner on medium-high
Collard greens are a favorite of Southerners as they are not only healthy food packed with nutrition, but delicious as well, if cooked the right way. There are several r
well, lets see, hold the stem of the greens in one hand and use your other hand to pull down the leafy part or use a knife and cut out the stem, after that wash the greens well in
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How to Clean Collard Greens
Spinach may be a more popular dark, leafy green, but in the South collard greens reign supreme. These broad-leafed greens contain a slew of essential nutrients including Vitamins K, A and C. Although you can eat collard greens raw, they are more commonly... More »
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