What is the best way to clean copper?


Due to its delicate nature, copper wire is not always easy to clean. Copper wire is thin and can easily be damaged, so always be careful when cleaning this wire. To clean copper wire, it must first be stripped. You can use sandpaper to remove grit and grime from the wire, but be careful not to break the wire. You can then apply tri sodium phosphate to the wire, but remember to use safety goggles while doing this. Finally, rinse the wire with water.
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How to Clean Copper Wire
Cleaning copper wire can be a tedious task. Depending on the end result you desire, there are several methods for accomplishing a shiny finish, so read on to find out how to clean copper wire.... More »
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To clean copper wire, will take patience. If you don't care how it looks, then use sand paper. Wrap the sand paper around the wire and clean away the corrosion.
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