How to Clean Gold Plated Items?


The best way to clean gold plated items is to use a cotton swab and some warm soapy water. You don't want to use a toothbrush or anything abrasive because it can cause the gold plating to scratch or to rub off. You can soak it in warm water with a little bit of dish detergent and then wipe dirt off by using the cotton swab. You can allow it to air dry naturally in order for it to stay as shiny as possible.
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1. Maintain your plating: gold plating can be damaged by sulfides in human sweat or by chlorine and harsh cleaning solutions. Gold-plated instruments, of course, should be cleaned
try using normal dishwashing detergent. Rub gently to avoid wearing out of the coating. It will do the basic job on gold or gold-plated items.
1. Pour a mixture of 3/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup water into the water reservoir. Turn iron on, with the steam function enabled. 2. Wait for iron to heat, and then let steam for 10
1. Fill a small plastic or glass container with 1/2 cup water. 2. Drop in your gold and diamond jewelry. 3. Place one denture cleaning tablet into the water and watch it go to work.
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