How do you clean marcasite jewelry?


Marcasite jewelry is quite beautiful but also quite fragile. You should never get this jewelry wet so be sure to remove it before immersing hands in water. You should never use any steamers or chemical cleaners on the jewelry. Just use a damp cloth to wipe clean and dry immediately.
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1 Purchase a very soft brush. A brush used for baby's hair or a very soft toothbrush are ideal. Ad 2 Polish the jewelry with the brush. 3 Buff using a chamois cloth. Alternately,
1. Rub the marcasite jewelry, gently, with a barely damp rag. Dry the marcasite jewelry with a lint-free rag, such as an old T-shirt. 2. Clean heavier oxidation and grime by applying
Cleaning Silver Marcasite Jewelry. Because marcasites are often glued in sterling jewelry rather than set into the metal with prongs, etc. you must take extreme care with these items
Gently wiping the jewelry with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth will remove tarnish from the silver and keep the stones clean without ruining the piece.
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How Do You Clean Marcasite Jewelry?
Marcasite, a bronze-yellow mineral often known as fool's gold, displays a sparkle and shimmer similar to diamonds -- but at more affordable prices. Ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Greece and South America turned the versatile mineral into stones... More »
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When cleaning marcasite jewelry, stay away from harsh chemicals. All you really need is a soft dry or slightly damp cloth to wipe away the stones with. this will wipe away any tarnish and keep your stones clean.
In order to clean your marcasite jewelry, start by rubbing the item with a slightly damp cloth and then dry it. Apply a small amount of soap to a toothbrush and then lightly scrub the item until it comes clean. Rinse it with cold water and then dry it immediately with a lint-free cloth.
The best way to clean Marcasite jewelry is to use a damp lint free jewelers cloth and rub and also dry with the same type of cloth. If it needs a bit more cleaning you can use a soft bristled tooth brush and mild soap.
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