How to Clean up Spilled Olive Oil?


The best way to clean up spilled olive oil is simply with a cloth and some hot soapy water. You will want to put the soapy water mixture on top of the olive oil and then wipe it down with the cloth. You may have to do it several times before you no longer get that greasy feeling when you touch the area that the spill occurred on. Cooking with olive oil is a much healthier alternative in cooking as opposed to vegetable oil or canola oil.
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1. Contain the spill as soon as possible. If the spill is still spreading, place absorbent pads around the outside edges to stop it. Absorbent pads also help wick oil out of the spill
Use paper towel.
David Rainey, the BP vice president for Gulf of Mexico
One method is being used with success where there are enough people and material to sop up the oil in special mats and booms made of natural fibers, like hair. You can help with this
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