How can I cover red hair dye?


To cover red hair dye you can dye your hair a darker color. You can also go to a salon on have the red dye stripped out if you don't want to dye your hair again. If you have red hair and want to cover it you can go to a drugstore and buy hair color in dark brown or black. This dye will be dark enough to cover the red and the red shouldn't bleed through. You can also go to a salon and have it done but it's cheaper to do it yourself.
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1. Pour equal parts of hair color and developer into the color bottle. Close the lid and shake the bottle until the color is completely blended with the developer. 2. Part your hair
1 Go to your local pharmacy or a drugstore Ad 2 Go to the hair care aisle. 3 Find a box that says "Bleach and/or peroxide" and/or "Blonding, bleaching kit" on
You will have to get a color darker than the red. or bleach out that one streak. I had the same problem with my sisters hair she had to go almost black to cover up the red! you went
go to sallys or a beauty store near by and purchase a bottle of 30 volume developer cream and also some bleach powder and when you get home mix that put it on your hair for about
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How to Cover Red Hair Dye
Covering red hair dye with a darker hair color is extremely easy. In fact, the easiest hair-color jobs are those that deposit color to correct or cover an existing dye job. The most important factor in covering red hair dye is color selection. Previously... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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