How do you crack a combination lock?


It's frustrating to lose your lock combination and it's daunting to find out that each typical combination lock has 64,000 different possible combinations. However, there is a diagram that will allow you to narrow your search down to finding the combination in 100 tries or less. So, basically, what you'll need is time and patience. Diagram for cracking a combination lock
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1. Set the dial at '0' and pull the lock taut. Start slowly turning the lock clockwise; stop when the lock gets caught on a number. This number can be a whole number, such as 3, or
Set the lock dial to zero. Pull up on the loop of the lock and twis...
Take it to a locksmith. They have code books and can match the serial number to get the combination.
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You can listen to the tumblers turn with a stethoscope, just like they do in the movies. Another way is to contact the manufacturer and give them the serial number on your lock.
To the best of my knowledge you can crack a combination lock by listening very carefully to the click of the tumblers falling into place while turning the dial. This of course is illegal if it is not your lock.
You can crack a combination lock, by using a stethoscope and listening to the tumblers fall in place as you turn the combination dial. This would be and illegal operation if the combination lock is not yours.
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