How do you curl layered hair?


There are many ways that a person can curl layered hair. The best way to curl hair that has layers is using a curling iron, as this allows a person to control the amount of curl, as well as where the curls are placed on the head. The size of the barrel of the curling iron determines the size of the curl. A larger barrel will give large curls, while a smaller barrel will give small, tight ringlets. The hair can be curled over or under to give different looks. A woman can experiment with different methods to find the looks that she likes the best.
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1. Plug you curling iron into an electrical outlet to let it heat up. The higher the heat, the more defined your curls will be. 2. Brush your hair, so it lays flat and is free of
straightner Youtube has many tutorials.
Try youtube & they have alot of stuff on hair .
Whether you have long, medium or short locks, layers can add a fresh, new feel to any hairstyle. Once you've made the decision to try a new style, you should understand how to layer
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