How to Cut Vinyl Lattice?


Care must be taken when cutting vinyl lattice or any other type of vinyl, as it can crack and split. An easy and effective way to cut vinyl lattice is by using a circular saw with a blade made just for cutting vinyl materials. Irwin is a company that makes a blade just for cutting through vinyl. This blade can be installed in any circular saw, then used to cut vinyl siding, fences, or lattice with ease. A handsaw may also be used, but extra care must be taken, and this method will take longer.
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1. Use a tape measure to measure the distance that your fence material needs to cover. Mark this distance on your vinyl with a pencil. Use a straight edge to carefully draw a line
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If you have access to a router this would be the absolute best. Source(s): 30 Yrs remodeling
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How to Cut a Vinyl Lattice
Vinyl is a sturdy material made out of PVC plastic that requires little care. Vinyl lattice is commonly used on vinyl fences to give the fence a decorative look. A lattice pattern is a crisscross pattern that is slightly trickier to cut than normal vinyl... More »
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