How to Demagnetize?


If you demagnetize something you make it no longer magnetic. This happens a lot with credit cards that they get demagnetized phone being next to cell phones.
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1. Grip your magnetizer/demagnetizer in your hand and locate the space that is labeled "Demagnetize. 2. Take your magnetized tool and pass it through the demagnetizing space.
1 put your hands in the form like you would if you are about rub your hands together for warmth Ad 2 Put the magnet between both hands at the palm areas 3 rub your hands together
Magnetic Silencing Facility: h/displ.
an iron can be demagnetised by ;-hammering it while facing east _west direction -hitting it hard on the ground -connecting it into an ac current while facing the east _west direction
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How to Demagnetize
A magnetized tool can certainly be useful when dealing with small fasteners such as screws and nails. But there are other times when having a magnetized tool can be more of a hassle than a help. Fortunately demagnetizing your tools, either by using a ... More »
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Magnets are magnets because all of the atoms that make it up have electrons that are moving in the same direction. If you disrupt the electron flow then you can demagnetize an item. You can accomplish this by heating a magnet, hammering on one, or by introducing AC current to it.
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