How to Describe a Tropical Scenic Beach.?


1. Visit the beach and jot down your initial impressions in a small notebook or record on a voice recorder. Gather specific but concise notes that can jog your memory when you sit down to write. 2. Investigate the details behind observations from
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sandy, rocky, quiet,crowded.
Words that describe a beach could be words like beautiful, windy, cold, wet,
Generally, nationwide, our beaches are very clean. In 2008, we only lost about 5% of the potential beach days. And when there are closings or advisories, they may only last a day
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A beach could be described as beautiful, serene, and peaceful. The ocean is an aqua blue, the sand is pale yellow, and the sun is a fierce, hot yellow. The sky ...
In a story describing beach every word must help create the image. Use words that make the reader see smell and hear the beach in their minds. Describe the call ...
Sandy. Arenaceous. Arenose. Sabulous. Paradisiac(al) Balmy. Littoral. Sea-shore. Strand. Seaside. Seaboard. Coast. ...
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