How to Detect Cut in Meth?


Meth is a dangerous drug and illegal you should never use it. However to detect a cut in Meth you can tell by the color and consistency if it has been cut. When you burn it should become a runny liquid and then when cooled turn back to a crystal state. You can find more information here:
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razor blades to cut even lines or crushing it with a quarter.
That depends on how much meth was consumed, and how long the person was using
I was with friends and(its a really long story which will take too long to explain), I decided to try meth. I just did it once and I didn't even like it so I'm going to stop.
Not Medical Advice: Meth can stay in your system up to four days and be detected on a hair follicle test for up to three months!
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The two ways to detect cut in meth are as follows: 1. If you can break it in half it's real; if it bends it has been cut; 2. If you place a small piece in a little bleach and it bubbles and sinks, it is pure. Meth is a highly addicting drug and harms the body by destroying it on a cellular level. You can find more information here:
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