How to Detect Cut in Meth?


Meth is a dangerous drug and illegal you should never use it. However to detect a cut in Meth you can tell by the color and consistency if it has been cut. When you burn it should become a runny liquid and then when cooled turn back to a crystal state. You can find more information here:
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1. See your doctor or go to the nearest emergency room, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Be prepared to report your symptoms, when they started, whether you have had recent
razor blades to cut even lines or crushing it with a quarter.
Street meth, like many other street drugs, is often cut or is not meth at all. "Glass" or
stop using is always an easy way yo cut the effect
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The two ways to detect cut in meth are as follows: 1. If you can break it in half it's real; if it bends it has been cut; 2. If you place a small piece in a little bleach and it bubbles and sinks, it is pure. Meth is a highly addicting drug and harms the body by destroying it on a cellular level. You can find more information here:
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