How to Direct a Wedding Rehearsal?


A wedding rehearsal is typically directed by the officiate or the wedding planner. A successful wedding rehearsal will walk participants through the event, providing opportunity to members to practice speeches, readings or performances, getting comfortable with the timing of each part of the ceremony. Make suggestions on how to respond if things don't go as planned and recommend back-up plans.
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Instructions. Set the date. This part is easy. This will usually be the night before the wedding day. If that time does not work, it can be held up to two days before the big day.
1 During the bridal shower collect all the ribbons and bows from the bride's gifts as she opens them. Ad 2 Use a sturdy paper plate as a base if this is "just for kicks"
The wedding rehearsal is an event before the wedding where each person included in the wedding party gets to mingle with the other guests that they do not really know yet. It is a
Usually they will rehearse for the wedding and after they will have...
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When directing a wedding rehearsal you will want to get everyone in their place and go through the entire ceremony in order to allow everyone a chance to ask questions and understand what to do.
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