How do you make straw curls?


To create the straw look you need a rat tail comb, clips to section the hair, setting lotion, straws cut in the desired length, end papers and bobby pins. The hair should be wet when doing this. Section the hair, according to the thickness and length, in 1/4 in squares. Apply setting lotion as you go as this keeps the hair from drying out. Apply end papers to the ends of the hair. Wrap the hair from the ends to roots in a spiral motion around the straw and secure with a bobby pin. Continue this pattern throughout the entire head and place the person under the dryer. Drying time depends on the thickness and length of the hair. When removing the straws use a gloss to finger the curls out for your finished look.
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Straw curls are really easy to do. Just purchase a pack of straws. after applying some setting lotion, begin the set your hair with the straws as you would regular rollers. You are just using much smaller sections. You can find more info at:
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