How do you evaluate yourself?


Self-evaluation requires individuals to take true and honest stock of themselves and to commit their findings to some form of documentation. Whether scholastic or professional, the process of evaluating oneself is critical to continued success. In fact, some employers require it on a regular basis.

Personal evaluations require a great deal of introspection and even more personal honesty. It is very difficult for individuals to objectively criticize themselves in most situations as the human ego often helps to paint an idealized version of their behaviors, traits and general performance in either a work or school setting. This is why learning to self-evaluate at an early age is important. An honest awareness of one's strengths, weaknesses, faults and virtues can make self-improvement easier and more rewarding.

Specifically, nurturing the ability to self-evaluate can provide a clear edge when seeking employment as many companies look for individuals with a strong sense of who they are and a firm grasp on the reality of what they are capable of doing. Too often, people feed into their ego's idealization of who they are, but this is a self-gratifying trap that does little to benefit anyone except that particular individual's sense of self-importance and value.

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