How do you fill out a car title?


To fill out the car title when you sell a car you will have to fill out the form on the back of the title. In addition to your name and address, you will need the buyers information. Include the cost of the car and the reading from the odometer. You must also sign the title.
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1. Read the front and back of the title. Depending on your state, there may be a place to sign for trailers or boats, even though the title is for a car. Locate the the box that requires
All tax papers come with a book to tell you exactly what each line is for. If you don't have a book you can usually find one at your local library for free. You can find more information
with a pen if you are sure of the information. If not then I would use a pencil.
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How Do I Fill Out a Car Title?
Filling out a car title is an important process if you wish to have a vehicle properly registered in your name. A car title represents ownership and should only be turned over to another individual if a price has been agreed upon. Filling out the... More »
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