How do you fix uneven floors?


To properly fix an uneven floor, you first need to know why your floor is uneven. If it's uneven because of settling, there are self-leveling agents you can purchase at a hardware store.
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1. Look for signs of wear, high and low spots and squeaking floors. These all indicate uneven flooring. Place a piece of carpenter's tape on problem areas. Painter's tape can be written
i think you are out of luck there.he should of leveled the floor first with a scratch coat ( or a self leveling compound) letting it dry then another coat of adhesive to attach the
1. Scrape out all the grout from the perimeter of the loose tile with your grout saw. Dig the grout out completely without scratching the tile surface. Use a vacuum hose to pull up
1. Prepare the epoxy according to instructions. This generally involves mixing two separate gels together. 2. Scoop the epoxy using a toothpick into the chipped area of the tile.
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How to Fix an Uneven Wood Floor
Wood floors can settle over time or begin to exhibit signs of wear. As the finish wears off the surface of the wood floor, it allows moisture to penetrate the wood. This can cause the floor to expand, raise the grain of wood, or even cause the floor to... More »
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Uneven floors are definitely something you see and feel. It is not easy to mask and something you certainly want to get repaired. You may need to put in some more supports underneath the floor to help even them up. You can find more information here:
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