How can you fix a dislocated finger?


To fix a dislocated finger and it not locked too bad, is to pull the finger until it's back in place. Once the finger is back in place your hand should be fine.
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1. Rest your dislocated arm along the side of your body. Try to relax your muscles, even though the pain will make you want to tighten. A relaxed body will slip more easily back into
You should visit a doctor in order to this, I wouldn't recommending doing this yourself as you could do more damage, I would recommend applying an ice pack for the time being, even
1. Cut on the part of the broken nail. Try to make sure it's the same size as the other part of the nail. 2. Put a little bit of nail polish glue on your nail. 3. Go to the salon
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First Aid: Dislocation
A dislocation is an injury in which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions. The cause is usually trauma... More »
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In order to fix a dislocated finger, you will have to go to an emergency room or walk-in clinic. Doing it from home when you don't have any medical experience can result in permanent disfiguration.
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