How to Get Candle Wax out of Jeans?


To get the candle wax out of the jeans you will need to heat it up again. You will need to place a paper bag over the wax and iron the paper bag. It transfers to the bag.
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1. Place the votive holder in a freezer. Leave it in place for at least an hour. 2. Remove the votive holder from the freezer. Turn it upside down, and hit the bottom hard with the
First, freeze the jeans and scrape off all wax possible with a plastic tool. (Plastic knife, plastic spatula, etc) Second, put a few layers of paper towels on each side of the fabric
This is the standard technique used here on a carpet but just as valid on a teak table (use more paper to avoid any scorching. Oh no! They spilt loads of wax on the carpet by Godfrey
i recently went to bali, and got extensions done over there with cadle wax. i know it sounds bad but for me this is the only way it worked. put 2 paper towels over your hair and then
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To get candle wax out of jeans you will need to lay a piece of a paper over the wax. Turn on your iron and iron over the paper. After the wax begins to melt you can scrape the rest away.
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