How do you get rid of love bugs?


Why would you want to get rid of love bugs they are so cute! If you must kill them though mix some detergent with water and spray your yard with it and they will die.
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1. Hang an electric “bug zapper” outdoors near your swimming pool - especially if you keep the area lit. Bugs that would otherwise be drawn to underwater swimming pool
Learn how to get rid of love handles once and for all. While whittling your waistline isn't necessarily easy, a little hard work and discipline can help you get rid of that pesky
1. Use rubbing alcohol to treat mealy bugs, which are small oval bugs that leave cotton masses on the underside of the leaves. These cotton masses are the eggs. A cotton ball soaked
1. Mix four tbsp. of dish soap and four tbsp. of baking soda to 16 cups of warm water in a large container or bowl. 2. Put as much as possible of the mixture into a spray bottle.
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How to Get Rid of Love Bugs
A lovebug is a small fly or gnat that is officially termed "plecia nearctica," but also goes by the nicknames of "honeymoon bug," "kissing bug" or "double-headed bug." The bugs are mostly black except for a small bit of red around their chest area. They... More »
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