How do you get rid of love bugs?


Why would you want to get rid of love bugs they are so cute! If you must kill them though mix some detergent with water and spray your yard with it and they will die.
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Bugs (insects, spiders, gnats, etc) have a pretty simple mindset-they reproduce and they eat. The best thing you can do to get rid of bugs is to keep a clean work area. Keep clutter
1. Examine the outside of your house for cracks and crevices. Seal them up with caulk or cement. This will help prevent black water bugs from entering your home. Place screens on
1. Remove all of the dishes, extra shells and habitat decorations, such as logs, from the hermit crab's habitat. These objects may have mites or mite eggs on them. Boil them in a
1. Find the biggest concentration of ants and follow them back to their entrance. Once you find the hole or crevice they use, sprinkle baby powder on and around the opening. Do this
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How to Get Rid of Love Bugs
A lovebug is a small fly or gnat that is officially termed "plecia nearctica," but also goes by the nicknames of "honeymoon bug," "kissing bug" or "double-headed bug." The bugs are mostly black except for a small bit of red around their chest area. They... More »
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