How to Get Rid of Red Bugs?


You can get rid of red bugs by using bug spray. Use an antihistamine cream on your skin to soothe the bites.
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1. Dissolve 2 lb. of alum in in 3 or 4 quarts of boiling water. 2. Brush the boiling hot alum-and-water solution into closet and cabinet crevices and joints, cracks in the floor,
1. Sweep and vacuum the pantry thoroughly to remove any loose crumbs and walking bugs. Discard the vacuum bag or empty the vacuum cup to prevent bugs from walking out of the vacuum
1. Begin by identifying objects and places that you suspect of being infested with bed bugs. Divide the objects into those that could be placed in an oven, those that could be boiled
1. Use rubbing alcohol to treat mealy bugs, which are small oval bugs that leave cotton masses on the underside of the leaves. These cotton masses are the eggs. A cotton ball soaked
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