How to Get Rid of Starlings?


There are several methods to rid your area of Starling birds. One method is taking your stereo and putting it outside and play a combination of owl, hawk and osprey sounds. They are fearful of these animals so it tends to keep them away from the area. This method works for other birds such as the crow.
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1 Cover all possible food sources, including fruit trees, grapes, berries, corn and grain piles. Starlings will not stay where there isn't any food. Ad 2 Keep starlings out of your
1. Identify where the starlings are spending much of their time. Focus your efforts on these locations. 2. Remove any food sources. Do not put out bird feeders and cover fruit trees
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1. Restrict access to food. Secure garbage cans with air-tight lids and remove fallen fruit from the ground. Check fruit trees regularly. Keep bird feeders as well as dog and cat
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How to Get Rid of Starlings
Starlings, members of the family Sturnidae and introduced to the US in 1890, have become well acquainted with urban life in the states. Highly speckled, with a short tail and long, slender beak, starlings are highly aggressive and capable of driving away... More »
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