How to Get Rid of Tree Frogs?


To get rid of tree frogs first try making a homemade mixture of citrus, vinegar and salt water. Spray this mixture where the frogs tend to be found. This mixture will not harm the frogs, but will deter them from making their home near yours. You can find more information here:
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1. Get rid of the frogs' food source. If you have a fly or mosquito problem, you will need to get that under control because it attracts the frogs. Try using fly traps or citronella
salt or viniger.
1. Prepare a suitable habitat before finding your new pet. Clean an aquarium with mild bleach water, and then rinse with clear water thoroughly. Put aquarium stones or bedding for
1. Wash the car with car soap and a sponge. This won’t remove the stains, but it will remove debris and dirt so you can start with a clean surface. Let the car dry completely.
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How to Get Rid of Frogs in Trees
One frog in a tree can drive you crazy, but you might be able to ignore it long enough to go to sleep. However, multiple frogs in a tree is enough to keep you awake. Although frogs are beneficial to your yard, you might need to scare them off in order to... More »
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