How to Get Rid of Ghosts?


To get rid of ghosts you have to be calm. Getting scared or angry will only increase their energy and/or hostility. Try to talk to it to see if you can help it. It may not even realize that it is dead yet!! I found a website that actually goes into
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1. Ask the ghosts to leave. Directly address the ghosts and ask them to leave in a calm but forceful tone. 2. Read the book "The Ghost Hunter's Handbook: A Field Guide to the
as far as i know you just smash the glass (but if I'm wrong i would like to know)
To get rid of a ghost calmly and firmly explain to the ghost it doesn't belong there, and
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The best way to get rid of a ghost is to have your house blessed. Contact your local church and talk to the minister about blessing your house. Most churches will ...
To get rid of a ghost in your house, you may need assistance. First, try ignoring the ghost and see if it'll go away or give up trying to get attention. Next, ...
To get rid of ghosts in your house you can contact your local priest or exorcist, cleanse your home or sprinkle holy water throughout the house. Placing garlic ...
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