How do you get rust off chrome rims?


The easiest way to remove rust off chrome rims is to take a wool scrubber and WD40. Apply the WD40 to your rim thickly, and scrub off. Another way is with a wool scrubber and Comet cleaner. Then you would polish it after as Comet is a harsh cleaner.
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1. Scrub off the rust with a scrubbing pad or steel wool pad. The surface rust and small rust spots are easy to remove by scrubbing. 2. Pour a commercial rust remover onto a steel
To clean rust from chrome, use some fine steel wool. Start with a small area. See link below for further information.
Steel wool will do the trick! Do the ChaCha!
Buying a chrome buffing compound is the best solution. Also using #0000 steel wool helps a lot. Do not use #000. Depending on what the object is, like for instance on a chromed typewriter
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