How to Get Wood Stain out of Carpet?


Everyone wants to keep their carpet clean and attractive. Wood stains in particular can be somewhat difficult to eradicate, but it's sometimes possible to remove them yourself. You will need several things, including a clothes iron and carpet stain remover.
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1. Saturate the stain with the Greased Lightning. It won't hurt your carpets and it won't foam up when scrubbed, leaving a lighter area and tons of surrounding bubbles on the carpet
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1. Determine the type of paint you are removing. Paint that is water-based can be removed with warm water and a clean towel. Paint that is oil-based needs the assistance of a paint
you can put detatal on it and keep on scrubbing it or bleach
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To get wood stain out of your carpet, you will have to use acetone. Apply it to a rag and apply the rag to the stain until it has been lifted.
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