How to Get Wrinkles out of Wedding Dress?


The best way to get wrinkles out of a wedding dress is to steam it. You can also place a towel on it and iron it to help get the wrinkles to fade or to get them out.
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How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wedding Dress
When a wedding dress is riddled with wrinkles it is a great idea to take the dress to the dry cleaners for a professional steam. Many times, however, it is not possible to use a professional steam-cleaning service. Luckily it is quite simple to get... More »
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To get the wrinkles out of your wedding dress you will need to hang the dress on a sturdy hanger and using a steamer you want to glide the steamer up and down about 5-8 inches from the dress to avoid staining. The wrinkles will fall right out of the gown and you will look perfect on your big day!
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