How to Get Wrinkles out of Wedding Dress?


The best way to get wrinkles out of a wedding dress is to steam it. You can also place a towel on it and iron it to help get the wrinkles to fade or to get them out.
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1. Lay the wedding dress on a flat surface with the chocolate stain facing upward. Place a white towel directly under the chocolate stain. 2. Pick the excess chocolate off the wedding
You do not need a steamer. You can just use an iron on the steam setting to send bursts of stem to soften the wrinkles. Do not allow a hot iron to touch polyester fabrics as it will
1. Hang your suede coat up on the towel rack or on the door of the bathroom. Do not hang your coat on the shower curtain rod so your suede coat does not become saturated by too much
1. Set the iron to a synthetic (low-heat) setting and allow it to warm up. Turn the steam off to avoid water spots on the rayon fabric. 2. Turn the rayon fabric to the wrong side
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How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wedding Dress
When a wedding dress is riddled with wrinkles it is a great idea to take the dress to the dry cleaners for a professional steam. Many times, however, it is not possible to use a professional steam-cleaning service. Luckily it is quite simple to get... More »
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To get the wrinkles out of your wedding dress you will need to hang the dress on a sturdy hanger and using a steamer you want to glide the steamer up and down about 5-8 inches from the dress to avoid staining. The wrinkles will fall right out of the gown and you will look perfect on your big day!
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