How to Get a Restraining Order?


To get a restraining order you will need to fill out the appropriate forms, turning them in to your local police department. If the restraining order is approved, someone will be sent to the person being restrained to serve the order.
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How to Get a Restraining Order
A restraining order -- also known as a protective order, order of protection or protection from abuse order -- is a legal document that prevents an individual from being in close proximity to or contacting another individual, group or business.... More »
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1. Go to the county courthouse and file the appropriate paperwork with the clerk's office. Depending on your county, you might file in the county where you live, where the alleged
1 Be at least 14-18 years of age . The required age differs among jurisdictions. Restraining orders for people considered to be minors must be filed by a parent. Parents are legally
A stipulated restraining order means: a condition or a requirement stated in the restraining order.
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You must go to your local courthouse and appear in front of a judge to request a restraining order. You must have a good reason for a judge to authorize one. ...
1. File the appropriate forms with the county clerk in the county where the defendant resides. File either a Twelve Month or a Permanent Family Violence Protective ...
Applying for a restraining order in Ontario can be a trying process but it doesn't have to be difficult. First, find the court house that you should go to during ...
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