How does one grow a mustache?


To grow a mustache the first thing you need to do is let your facial hair grow out to desired length. Then you will need to shave off the parts of your face such as your chin and cheek area.
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Instructions. Keep the shaver away from the area between the nose and upper lip. Although some say if you shave more, the hair on your face becomes thicker, this is not always true.
1 Start growing a mustache. Stop shaving the area from one side of your mouth to the other between your nose and upper lip. You will have to choose how far out on the cheeks and down
There is really nothing you can do to make a mustache grow. If you are going to have one it will develop as you get older. Most men can grow a mustache, a full beard is sometimes
How to grow a mustache: Keep the shaver away from the area between the nose and upper lip.
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How to Grow a Mustache
To grow a mustache or not to grow a mustache is the question young men ask when they see their upper-lip peach fuzz. Some men have all the luck and can grow a mustache in a matter of days, while others have a harder time.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
To grow a mustache you will not want to shave your upper lip. Don't shave the area you want the mustache to grow in and grab a mustache comb to keep it groomed.
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