How to Install Javascript?


Javascript is not needed to install manually. It is automatically installed and run through a website. Java should be installed on PC for that.
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How to Install Javascript
Javascript is actually part of the Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment; it's not a program in and of itself. It's a programming language that Web designers use in order to add dynamic content to a Web page. Installing Java is a simple procedure,... More »
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1. Open a Firefox browser window. 2. Click the "Firefox" button at the top-left corner of the browser window and select "Options. (If you use Firefox version 3 or earlier
Some site allows you to add javascript bookmarklets simply by adding the page to your bookmark and go in to edit its page by removing anything in front of the word "javascript:
See the guide here:….
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Downloading Javascript, or Java, can be easily accomplished within minutes. There's only a few steps to get it installed. Click the link to download and let it ...
Almost any modern browser for any operating system comes bundled with JavaScript and because of this you won't have to install JavaScript. However, for some web ...
You don't have to install JavaScript because most common browsers are able to automatically recognise the language when used in coding. ...
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